Read what some of Alexandra Borowska’s clients say about her work:

“My property just was not selling! Alexandra advised to take it off the market and analysed
the optimum date to sell. We put it back on the market at this time and it sold within two weeks!
Ewa Doboszynska, Poznan, Poland.

“I had my lower floor apartment dowsed by Alexandra. She cured the negative energy present. 
It seems that the effects went beyond the apartment. After about 3 weeks my neighbour, who did not
know about dowsing, noticed that he was sleeping better. After 2 months  his insomnia was gone!
Maks Nowak, Bydgoszcz, Poland.

“I had read a lot about Feng Shui.  It has all been a bit overwhelming and often the information contradicted itself.
I’ve decided to take it step-by-step. Alexandra’s personal sessions have allowed me to clearly understand my
personal Feng Shui and create changes in my life.  It has all been very clear and encouraging!
Hilde van der Velden, Holland.

“I had to move house and I was determined to get it right. The ‘buy or not to buy’ consultation was exactly what I needed. 
Alexandra analysed  the pros and cons of each potential property, exposing their true positive or less auspicious potential.
I was able to find a house matching my criteria with supportive Feng Shui for me and my family.”
Julie A, UK.

“Ever since I had a Dowsing Consultation and applied all the cures, my incidence of headaches has SIGNIFICANTLY reduced.
I also don’t get headaches so much when I get stressed. Thank you so much Alexandra!”
Sabine M, Leuven, Belgium.

“I was quite intrigued about the possibility of having a personal calendar. It is a great help in planning activities as well as
 time to rest and reflect.”
Agnieszka Lawendowska, Poland.

“The IRIS Transformation sessions are, for me, true quality time to reconnect with the present moment.”

“My three-year-old daughter never wanted to sleep in her bed. Dowsing showed that there was a geopathic stress line under it.  After neutralising it, she sleeps all night through, no crying, no wandering; wonderful!”
K. Lao, Belgium.

“I made a Vision Board with very specific requests.
I placed the board in my success direction. Within 3 weeks everything came true!
Now I can’t wait to apply Feng Shui in my whole house. I believe it will stimulate even more positive changes in my life.”
Mercy Ruzvidzo, Newbury, UK.

“Alexandra initiated me to Reiki Level II and also to the first 3 levels of the Inner Diamond.
I now feel an even stronger connection to this vast and strange cosmos.”
Dr Robert Illes, Powys, Wales.

“I had the pleasure of a few one-to-one sessions on Vision Boards, Affirmations and Space Feng Shui with Alexandra. I received some very structured advice. The information, tips and details exceeded my expectations. You wouldn’t find it in any Feng Shui book, believe me. I now understand how Feng Shui affects me all the time and creates part of my life.”
Temby Lufundo, South Africa.


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