Space Energy Clearing

House space clearing

Helps to enhance the harmony of your property

  • Clearing the physical, emotional and mental levels of your property
  • Clearing energy forms
  • Protecting the energy field of your property
  • Building up and maintaining a harmonious field of Light


Dowsing and the energy field of your property

Geopathic stress, personal zones, interference zones and other disturbances bring us into beta brainwaves, causing and enhancing stress and negatively influencing our emotional and mental body. This creates density in our personal energy field, and in time, in the field of the house.

Negative vortices at home or close to the property will always invite dense, inauspicious energy.

That is why as much as space clearing helps, the environmental stress can make it on on-going necessity to repeat the process of clearing. For the best and long lasting results, it is helpful to do dowsing. By dowsing we remove permanently one of the roots of the problem and space clearing has more effect and works faster.

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