Personal Feng Shui Coaching

In-person or via Skype

Would you like to address specific goals, empower an aspect of your life, or create a personal vision board? Do you need help in implementing certain Feng Shui principles?

One-to-one in-person, or a Skype personal coaching session is a great way to do it. It provides advice and creates individualised Feng Shui solutions, reflecting your short and long term personal goals, and empowering your environmental luck.

Let the environment support your life!


Metamorphic Technique

Metamorphic Technique, also known as Metamorphic Massage, is a delicate and efficient holistic activity during which we massage reflexive lines on our feet, arms and head. These lines are associated with certain parts of the scull and spine and are connected with certain periods in our lives (past, present and future) as well as with certain phases of intrauterine life.

Metamorphic Technique is a perfect means of starting the process of transforming old energetic blockages: fears, prejudices and emotional wounds. Our inner intelligence decides to what extent healing takes place. The therapist is only a catalyser, does not provide a diagnosis, and only helps in the process of holistic healing.

Metamorphic Technique can help if you:

  • are a child with emotional problems, who is shy and closed
  • are pregnant  (helps a mother and a child from the fourth month of pregnancy)
  • are suffering from spinal aches (emotional reasons)
  • are looking for emotional balance
  • want to undertake decisions and become more self-confident
  • wish to concentrate on and live in the present moment
  • look to find joy and childlike creativity in yourself
  • desire to start or accelerate the process of transforming old energetic patterns


Alexandra Borowska is a Reiki Master, since 2000.

For centuries, Reiki has been linked with the spiritual growth of humanity. It is a healing, gentle, loving energy. Reiki has been known and used by Buddhists for a very long time. At the end of 19th century, Mikao Ushui from Japan introduced Reiki to a wider audience, and Reiki is now known worldwide.

Reiki healing energy works on several planes. It:

  • simplifies contact with your Inner Source - intuition
  • helps to purify emotional and mental blocks
  • helps to heal the past
  • help you to radiate love
  • enhances the balance between the male and female aspects in yourself
  • accelerates our spiritual evolution on the way to enlightenment
  • relieves emotional and physical pain

At the higher levels, you are introduced to Reiki symbols. Each symbol has a certain energy and a certain purpose. Once you have been initiated at any level, it lasts for your whole life. 

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