Personal IRIS Transformation Sessions

In-person or via Skype

IRIS stands for ‘Inner Rejuvenation, Inner Silence’.

“Let it be still, and it will gradually become clear.” Lao Tzu

Would you like to stop mind chatter, rise above emotions, build up inner silence and harmony, and gain more clarity? These one-to-one transformational sessions use meditation, visualisation, 24 Quantum colours and personal Feng Shui aspects, to assist you in your journey.

 An IRIS Transformation session helps to:

  • balance and harmonise your energy field
  • enhance contact with your inner intuition
  • release emotions, past events and old memory patterns
  • enhance your ability to materialise your goals
  • accelerate contact with the Law of Attraction
  • focus on qualities you want to manifest in your life for instance:
         clarity and joy
  • support inner and physical well being

Introducing the basic elements of personal Feng Shui, your ‘Kua’ number and your four best directions, connect inner transformation with the transformation of your environment. Help to harmonise the four pillars of a happy life: success, wisdom, relationships and wisdom. This way it is easier to create long lasting positive changes.


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