Feng Shui Consultation

The purpose

The ultimate aim of the Feng Shui consultation is to assess your surroundings in order to create, optimally harmonious, healthy and supportive environment through:

    Identifying the auspicious areas of your property, and their best use.
    Identifying challenging areas, their influence and the best solutions.
    Creating the right flow of Chi (information), in other words, aligning messages of your environment with your directives.
    Creating surroundings that reflect your personal goals or commercial objectives that are structured and visible 24/7.
    Optimising the timing of important personal decisions or commercial activities.

The benefits

Feng Shui influences up to 33% of your life (your earth luck).

Its individualised solutions help empower the Four Pillars of your Life:

    Success -  your work, career, your business, place you live/work in. 
    Health - your physical, mental, and emotional health.
    Relationships - your communication and collaboration with family, friends, colleagues, business partners, clients, advisors and mentors, and romantic life.
    Wisdom -  your skills and knowledge base, your image as an expert in your field, your creativity and understanding of your life true purpose.

The Law of Attraction

“My passion is to help to create harmonious, healthy and inspiring environments,
empowering the Law of Attraction in your surroundings.”

It is said that everything in our life is created via three levels of manifestation.  Chinese Feng Shui grand masters call it the ‘three levels of luck’; we call it the ‘Law of Attraction’.

    Heavenly Luck is related to your place of birth, time of birth, parents, race, culture, your talents and challenges. It creates up to 33% of your overall luck. Some people would call it ‘God given”, others, ‘karma and dharma’, or ‘destiny’. It is said that heavenly luck is relatively difficult to change.

    Human Luck represents your thoughts, emotions, the way we live (education, healthcare, approach to life, beliefs etc.) affirmations and visualisations. It creates up to 33% of your overall luck. We can change it, but often we are limited by the aspect of time, as we need to constantly repeat these actions. It works mainly through disciplined conscious mind effort, and stops during sleep or when focused on other matters or distractions.

    Earth Luck = Feng Shui & Dowsing = Your Environment creates up to 33% of your overall luck. It is the easiest to change. Feng Shui holds the message (landscape, time cycles, architectural features, five elements and more) and works through your conscious and subconscious mind.  The subconscious mind works 24/7 and herein lies the secret of Feng Shui! That is why information present in your environment can have such a profound effect on what you attract/manifest. Such information is already there, even if you have never heard of Feng Shui. The question is whether it is the right, supportive information for you or not…

    “I made a Vision Board with very specific requests. I placed the board in my success direction.
    Within 3 weeks everything came true! Now I can’t wait to apply Feng Shui in my whole house.
    I believe it will stimulate even more positive changes in my life.”
    Mercy Ruzvidzo, Newbury, UK.

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Buy or not to buy (rent)?

The aim of this consultation is to analyse whether a house or business premises and its surroundings has the potential to create a truly supportive environment for you or your business over a longer period of time. Whether there is true ‘compatibility in space and time’.

This is something worth considering before taking up what is often one of the most important decisions of a lifetime. Do not apply the principle, “first I buy, I settle, and then I do Feng Shui”, as you may find yourself in a house that is affecting your luck in a negative way, and has limited options to change its Feng Shui for the better.

New-build and renovation advice

Designing your home according to your individual needs and Feng Shui principles gives you an opportunity to create a harmonious space with true potential to support your life, your goals, health, relationships and inner development.

Before renovating, it is worth checking what impact the proposed changes may bring to your house and to your life. We look for options that help enhance your house potential, and avoid creating spaces with depleting energy hindering your life.

In all cases, the date selection is taken into account, to provide the best possible date(s) to start a project.

Home office

This consultation aims at creating an inviting, inspiring space, reflecting the goals and essence of your work and your vision.

The Feng Shui advice takes into account, amongst other things, the position of your office within the building, your desk, logo, products, colours and much more; business depending. To maintain the flow of business, the time Feng Shui needs to be implemented as well. The consultation covers all this in a detailed, structured way.

It is for offices and people working from home: consultants, therapists, beauty specialist, online businesses. Even if you do not see customers, your directives need to be visible in your environment.

Please provide a plan of your office or workspace and the plan of the building.

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Personal coaching Feng Shui

Feng Shui

Would you like to address specific goals, empower an aspect of your life, or create a personal vision board? Do you need help in implementing Feng Shui principles?

One-to-one, in-person or a Skype personal coaching session is a great way to do it. It provides advice and creates individualised Feng Shui solutions, reflecting your short and long term personal goals and empowering your environmental luck.


      AB business card     Vision_Board_General     Blank card


Business card design advice

A business card should clearly represent who you are, what you do, what is the essence of you and your work.

The layout, colours, shapes and symbols all play a significant role. All this, plus general and personal Feng Shui aspects are taken into account when advising on the design of your card.

*we do not provide graphic design services, it is pre-design advice*

Vision board

In Feng Shui, we aim to align messages of your environment with your goals. A vision board is an excellent opportunity to present it in detailed way and make it truly visible.

Your personal vision board helps you manifest your directives and goals by:

  • presenting your goals in a structured way
  • implementing the language of manifestation
  • enhancing the clarity of your goals
  • strengthening the focus on your directives
  • keeping your goals visible 24/7
  • applying creative options to express what you wish to transform
  • enhancing the power of manifestation by using individualised aspects of space and time Feng Shui
  • bringing aspects of structure and creativity together for maximum benefit

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Annual and monthly Feng Shui updates

The time aspect of Feng Shui is represented by time cycles. Time cycles inform us about upcoming potential opportunities and challenges in your personal or business life, as well as describing the changing potential of space by identifying positive and less auspicious places in your home / business premises.

As your life circumstances and goals change, it is the time Feng Shui that has the potential to maintain the flow of positive changes in your life, and energise your business ventures. That is why it is highly recommended to update your time Feng Shui, which is simple, does not take much ‘time’ and is truly rewarding.

You can do it annually, but if you want to stay attuned to the potential created by your surroundings even more, you may consider to apply monthly updates. They are especially important for businesses.

Be in the right place in the right time! Act with the supportive wave of time potential!

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Feng Shui

How our environment affects us

Your house or work space and its surroundings is a three-dimensional vision board. It gives messages that either support your plans and actions (your human luck) or hinders them. Together with earth electromagnetic fields, it works 24/7 through your conscious and subconscious mind.  That is why it creates a very strong impact whether you know about it or not.

How Feng Shui (Environmental Luck) works

Feng Shui is the Law of Attraction of your environment. It creates up to 33% of your reality, through your surroundings.

Feng Shui works through:

    Space: landscape formations, geographic directions, five elements, colours, images, symbols…

    Time: time cycles which identify positive and less auspicious places in your premises, as well as upcoming potential opportunities and challenges in your personal or business life.

    Alignment: of messages of your environment with your human luck over time.

Feng Shui is influenced by:

    Earth electromagnetic fields: which can strengthen or deplete the clarity of your messages; that is why the dowsing is automatically included in each Feng Shui consultation.

Feng Shui is always around us and works 24/7. The question is whether it is working in your favour, or not…

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The consultation

Feng Shui consultation (Dowsing included) analysis includes among other things:

  • Surrounding landscape
  • Front door position and direction
  • Front door hexagram
  • Time Feng Shui (Flying Star)
  • Space Feng Shui
  • Personal Feng Shui
  • Colour analysis for each room
  • Position of kitchen, bathrooms, garages, storage, staircase,
  • missing directions in relation to the space/time and personal Feng Shui
  • For a home - the best potential places/directions for work, study, sleep,
         relaxation, entertainment, with optimum benefit
  • For a business - the best places for managerial offices, desks, meetings rooms,
         administrative purposes, finances, cash register, waiting rooms, storage
         and business leads
  • Written report
  • Includes a dowsing consultation

Before the consultation, you will be asked to provide dates of birth (month and year only) of the home residents and a plan of your house or property.

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