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Free dowsing assessment

Provides basic information about the general energy level of your house or work place, and how many disturbances (lines) are present at your home/business. Via e-mail, on-plan and on-distance only.

Please e-mail a plan of your property.

*Please note that the free dowsing assessment is not a consultation, so the locations of the lines are not checked nor marked on the plan, and the cures are not provided.*

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“My passion is to create surroundings that support you at home, in your office or garden.
Empower your contact with the Law of Attraction through the Earth’s electromagnetic fields.”

How much does geopathic/technological stress affect us?

It influences us all the time when we are present at the affected location, and may also leave its imprint when you leave the location.
It brings you into a beta brainwave pattern and induces stress in the cells in your body.
It prevents grounding positive changes in your life, weakening your health and success potential, causing stress in relationships.
It is not possible to overcome it permanently with positive thinking and visualisations.


“Ever since I had a Dowsing Consultation and applied all the cures, my incidence of headaches
has SIGNIFICANTLY reduced. I also don’t get headaches so much when I get stressed. Thank you so much Alexandra!”
Sabine M, Leuven, Belgium.

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Diamond Dowsing consultation in-person

The purpose

The ultimate aim of dowsing is to create healthy and harmonious surroundings, either in your home, office or work space.
Dowsing enables us to neutralise sources of environmental stress, for instance geopathic stress, and electromagnetic disturbances.
Dowsing should include space clearing to remove potential blockages connected with the property’s history.

The structure

How do we work?
By using dowsing rods, we are able to establish the sources and directions of negative energy.

How do we neutralise negative energy?
We carefully place copper bars and rings. Copper has the ability to hold a message or intention long term. It works as a transducer between the message and matter. This is far more effective than placing the intention only.


What to dowse for in Diamond Dowsing?
During the dowsing session, we visit the location and we look for:

  • Geopathic Stress
  • Negative Hartmann/Curry Lines
  • Interference Lines
  • Personal Zones
  • Negative Vortices
  • Positive Vortices
  • Energy Forms and others

General space clearing is a part of the consultation.


The benefits

  • Dowsing helps you to access the alpha brain wave state and higher waves (it can be verified with the use of an encephalogram).
  • A dowsed house or work place is vital to successful recovery from illness, entering deep relaxation, mental and emotional
         harmony, clarity and creativity.
  • It positively influences your overall well-being: vitality, immune system, focus and sleep.
  • It helps you to de-clutter.
  • It is easier to sell or rent out a house that has been dowsed (Feng Shui will play a significant role as well).

How quickly does it work?
If there is a lot of geopathic stress and other disturbances, we may consider doing the dowsing and space clearing over several sessions to give your body time to adjust and cleanse. Sometimes the effects are visible immediately, or after some time, depending on the scale of work that has to be done, and on your sensitivity.

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Diamond Dowsing consultation on-distance

Dowsing can be done in-person or on-distance. Both options are equally effective. For a consultation on-distance please provide a plan of your home. It is helpful if desks, sitting areas and beds are drawn on the plan.

The plan and cures will be send back to you. Once all the cures are in place, we will have a 30-minute Skype call to check it, and answer any of your questions.


Dowsing ‘the past’

The environment has a profound influence on all levels of our well-being on. Depleting energy in the form of geopathic stress, modern technology and energy forms affect us when we live in a place, but when it is intense, it can leave energetic scars/blockages present in our energy field even after we have moved out or away. However, by the law of attraction, we may attract similar places and experiences.

Dowsing your past properties on a plan and applying transformational techniques allow us to release those blockages.

Please provide plan(s) of the properties you wish to be dowsed.

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Quantum Diamond Dowsing

Over the centuries, people have been drawn to power-spots like stone circles, cathedrals or big positive vortices in nature. These are the places of deep reflection, inspiration and ‘aha-moments’. Knowing their potential, people would intuitively try to tap into it, and even deeper, conduct rituals on certain dates.

Nowadays it is possible to create your own, permanent Light Centre, at any time, within your own home, with the help of Quantum Diamond Dowsing. It creates vortices of Light, anchors this energy, enhances protection, inspiration and the power of manifestation. It brings your house to a whole new dimension and supports your inner evolution.

Quantum  Dowsing needs to be updated at least annually.

Quantum dowsing can be only done once the Diamond Dowsing is in place.

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