Personal calendars

Would you like to have more insight into how the aspects of time may affect your life?
Have a personal calendar created.

Time selection - Ze Ru Xiu

Time selection lists less auspicious days throughout the year covering, amongst other things: Tai Sui, Sui Po, Yi Po, yearly and monthly San Sha and more.

Personal calendars

  • Basic personal calendar - helps you avoid less auspicious days according to
         Ze Ru Xiu and your personal less auspicious days based on your BaZi.
  • Advanced personal calendar - as above, plus a very detailed assessment for
         each day related to the four pillars of your success, health, relationship
         and wisdom based on annual, monthly and daily flying star Feng Shui
         (Xuang Kong).

Personal calendars come in 3, 6 or 12 month options.

Date selection

For helping you to choose when to start renovations, building work and more.

The qualities of space change over time. It is known, and taken greatly into consideration, that in each year, some sectors carry less auspicious energy. Starting building work, ground breaking or renovation in less auspicious times may bring negative luck into our life. If there is no other way, and the work must be done, one should look for an auspicious starting date.

It is advisable to start any important activity on a good date.

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