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Alexandra Borowska is a highly knowledgeable and internationally experienced Dowsing and Feng Shui practitioner. She is a certified advanced Diamond Feng Shui teacher, certified advanced Diamond Dowsing teacher, and certified advanced Inner Diamond teacher.
She is a member of the Diamond Team and has studied closely with Marie Diamond (the Secret) for two decades.

“I have great pleasure in welcoming you to AlexandraBorowska.com,
a portal aiming to create more harmony in our lives. A guiding principle is that
 inner harmony is closely connected with our external surroundings.”


Alexandra provides a range of consultancy, workshops and individual sessions offering the opportunity of accelerating positive changes. These can provide your life with more joy, health, abundance and business success. See the News page for details of current events.

“Welcome to a journey of transformation beyond limitations to master your life!”

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